Use natural cosmetics,you will be surprised!!
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cosmética natural

Use natural cosmetics, you will be surprised!!

Natural cosmetics

Are you interested in natural cosmetics?

Do you have doubts as to whether it is better to a product made with natural ingredients?

Does it compensate for a natural cosmetic product even if its price is a little higher?





It is giving more importance to natural cosmetics, as they say is having its boom, we are happy. Since every time increases the number of women and men who use cosmetics and are concerned about taking care of your body, starting its use each time at an earlier age and we must educate ourselves to always choose this type of cosmetics.

In the market we can distinguish two types of cosmetics: natural cosmetics with products and ingredients from nature, the ecosystem and conventional cosmetics from chemicals, created with laboratory components and some from petroleum.

Each time there are more and more people with skin problems and allergies due to certain components that have synthetic products.

Some brands of cosmetics wanting to capture the customer that their products contain natural products, but in reality the amount of natural product is minimal, ephemeral that goes almost unnoticed at the level of benefits. All they want to do with this is to capture the customer, but in reality is a deception.


“We have to be more clever than some brands and read the labels of the products that we are interested to buy”


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 “Research begins to reveal that certain ingredients used in our personal care and in cosmetics could be related to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer”



1 Effectiveness of natural cosmetics


When we decide to buy a cosmetic product, the main thing is to give us what we are looking for. The most important thing in the effectiveness is the quantity of active principles that contains that product. Natural cosmetics have

Natural cosmetics have 5 times more active ingredients and a higher percentage of effectiveness than conventional ones. The natural cosmetics have vegetable oils and waxes that favor the greater penetration of the active principles.

On the other hand, conventional cosmetics include in their formulation water, petroleum derivatives and mineral oils give a feeling of shine and false hydration as they only act occluding the skin avoiding our skin to transpire. These substances are also the cause of the blockage of the pores.

It is clear that the efficiency is much higher in the natural beauty that in the conventional.


“The Rose of Damascus provides 2 400 active principles”



2 Capacity of penetration of the natural cosmetics.


The penetration of the active ingredients is fundamental in a cosmetic, those of natural origin contain ingredients in their formulation with pH similar to our skin. This favors active ingredients to penetrate deep layers because our skin identifies them similar to us and does not reject them. When penetrating to the cell we avoid that an occlusion occurs in the skin not letting it breathe and clogging the pores.


“So the active principles penetrate the cells having greater effectiveness, hydrating, nourishing, and Slowing the Aging”



3 Do not have toxic agents


All toxic compounds affect our skin, cells and most importantly our health. These compounds can generate or increase the risk of disease.

Research study the relationship of these toxic compounds with the appearance of rare diseases, allergies, cancers in all ages and problems in the endocrine system a few years ago were not known or were less frequently.

The relationship of parabens to the onset of cancer or diabetes has now been demonstrated.


“The conventional cosmetics contain chemicals very hard for our skin and skin irritations or allergies can producirnos”


Natural cosmetics are free of these toxic compounds, as they do not carry petroleum-based ingredients.

We must also stop buying products for their fragrance, not all are appropriate for our body, our skin.

Artificial flavors created in the laboratory are toxic effects, and are also related to cancer, disorders of the nervous system, problems during pregnancy, birth defects in the fetus and allergies. ”

We do not say that it has to have an unpleasant smell but it does that the aroma derives totally of natural ingredients.


 “Natural cosmetics are recommended for skin with allergies, psoriasis and sensitive skin”



4 Respect the environment


Natural cosmetics respect our environment. It is made with natural raw materials, it is made with simple and natural methods that do not produce chemical residues that damage the environment.

On the other hand, products derived from petroleum have conventions, aluminum and lead.

These components are extracted with an intensive mining work in the incredibly beautiful areas such as the Amazon jungle, which destroyed, depopulated and lifeless.

A part of destroying incredible places of our world affected our body and our health, scientists have related the use of deodorants with aluminum with the onset of Alzheimer’s and breast cancer.

“We should use deodorant free of aluminum”


5 Natural cosmetics is a cosmetics with values


The natural cosmetics with natural raw material of our ecosystem are not tested this type of products on animals to investigate if you have a negative effect.

When developing natural cosmetics in the raw material sites is usually developed by small entrepreneurs, artisans of small companies and helps the development and economy of the area where it is made.





Herbal extracts and vegetable oils, such as our beloved ARGAN, nutrition, hydration and antioxidant protection.

The natural cosmetic products are more gentle for our skin, are best suited to it. Penetrate better, all the benefits attributed to them.


Do you want a product that damages our skin?

What is a product that is dangerous to the health, the soil and that is not necessary for the nutrients to our skin?

For us it is very important to take care of our health and full beauty comes from taking care of us internally and externally. For the same reason we must take care of what we eat.


For all we recommend natural and ecological cosmetics.


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