Argan oil for hair 10 PERFECT BENEFITS
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10 beneficios del aceite de argán

Why should we use argan oil for hair?

Why should we use argan oil for hair?

The problem of some hairdressing treatments are the chemical components, which end up spoiling the hair, like for example the formalin.

Some components are prohibited in certain countries, but use them because the cost that you have is very low and offer excellent results and effective momentary but very damaging in the long term.


Argan oil for hair


It is a product that can be used for hair and scalp. It is important that it be 100% pure argan oil.


“Argan oil has all the components necessary to be the best ally for our hair”


What components of Argan oil for hair?


Vitamin E renews and repairs hair. Keeps moisture, regulates the sebaceous glands and increases the brightness.

Essential Acids, give nutrition to hair follicles, strengthen hair structures. They give food, strength and healing to our hair.


“These two components penetrate into the hair follicles capillaries”



10 Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair


1. It favors the growth of the hair, helping to give rise to healthy and strong hair.

2. The hair becomes more malleable, repair the elasticity.

3. It helps to untangle hair, easier to brush.

4. The hair becomes silky and with more brightness

5. Repair damaged and dry hair.

6. Moisturizes in depth, prevents frizz.

7. It eliminates dandruff, hydrating the scalp.

8. Moisturizes the hair dyed, giving softness and shine.

9. Regulates the sebaceous glands of the scalp, for fatty hairs.

10. Repair and moisturize split ends.



“The Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids for growth and prevents the fall”




aceite de argán pelo


How to use argan oil for hair?


After washing the hair

Apply a couple of drops on the hair when it is a little wet. It will help you to brushing, will shine and softness.


Mix it with our usual products.

Mix a few drops of Argan oil with our air conditioner or shampoo, adding the properties of Argan oil to our products.


You can use the type of open tips by applying a couple of drops on them.

In this case the argan oil can be applied only on the tips, the two hour period will clean this area with water until the next time we wash our hair.

Apply it as a serum that makes it easier to style your hair or protective serum from the heat in our hair.


Treat dry and damaged hair.

To have the ability to capture the water, keeps the water hair favoring the hydration, you can massage after washing.



Use the argan oil directly on our scalp, to regulate the dryness and the sebaceous gland.



We can,

Impregnate our hair with plenty of argan oil, massage with our hands and let them act for a few minutes. Then we wrap it in a towel with hot water and let it act during the working hours and finish a wash our hair.

Or use a shower cap instead of the towel and leave on the argan oil during the night.


“This cap towel process can carry out in all the uses of argan oil”


We are delighted that you are going to use sources of natural products


Uses Natural Cosmetics, NO USES Cosmetic Conventional

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