The Argan oil. 6 components that you need to know if or if
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aceite de argán oro liquido

The Argan oil The Liquid Gold

The argan oil

Surely you have heard a lot about argan oil or as some call it the liquid gold of Morocco.

In this article we are going to help you to know what argan oil is, how it is extracted, its appearance and some of its components.



What is The Argan Oil?


The Argan oil is a vegetable oil that has therapeutic, cosmetic and culinary virtues; Which have been used and known since ancient times.

Known as liquid gold of Morocco due to its magnificent, incredible and miraculous properties.


“Known as Liquid Gold of Morocco due to its magnificent, miraculous and incredible properties”


In Morocco, this oil is considered an essential part of your diet and traditional medicine.

The references about this oil are from prehistoric times, on its use and development , data how to break the nut or the pressure of the fruits to get out.

This oil was already used in ancient Egypt for food, cosmetics and religious cults. Among the cosmetics stand out those that elaborated for the personal hygiene and the elaboration of perfumes.

The Berbers appreciate the so-called liquid gold of Morocco since ancient times are those who used it for their cults, beliefs, celebrations and their daily life. Berber women collected and produced this oil using it in a culinary, therapeutic and to preserve the aesthetic beauty of their body.


“They used the argan oil in a culinary, therapeutic way and to preserve the aesthetic beauty of their body”


The family of the bride brings to the marriage 36 liters of the argan oil when they marry by the berber rite is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. That is why it is called liquid gold.

The argan oil is obtained with the seeds of the fruits of the Argan tree, is the main product that gives this tree.

For the oil is of good quality should come from the first cold pressure and of biological origin, which have not been used any type of fertilizers or pesticides during the life of the tree. When the label BIO ensures that retains all of its nutritional propertie.


” for the argan oil is of good quality should come from the first cold pressure and of biological origin “


There are two ways of extracting oil


A: It can be extracted ancestral, manual, which is how Berber women have done since ancient times, it is a process quite hard, slow and laborious..

B: A semi-machined method has been developed for its extraction, which allows the process to be less hard, obtain more oil and better quality



Analyze the forms of extraction of the Argan Oil

aceite argan puro


How is the appearance of the Argan Oil


The argan oil contains numerous and spectacular properties, it is one of the most precious oils in the world.


The argan oil


For food use

For food use the almonds are roasted lightly and thus an intense smell and flavor is obtained although it loses some nutritional value.

It is used in raw for salads or condiments.


For cosmetic use

For cosmetic use almonds are not roasted thus preserving all its virtues and active ingredients, it is almost odorless.

It is used utopian way, can be applied on the skin, hair, nails and on scars, burns. Among its virtues are that it contributes luminosity, hydration, nourishes, reaffirms, anti-aging, gives shine and can be used for oily skin with acne problems.

Approximately two decades ago on the basis of the chemical analyzes that were made to the argan oil is confirmed that contains valuable properties nutritional and dermatological this oil still to this day are still being carried out further analysis and checking how far they can go all the properties of this amazing oil that does not cease to amaze us


“Chemical analyzes that were performed on the argan oil confirmed the valuable nutritional and dermatological properties”

6 basic components that contains the Argan Oil YOU SHOULD KNOW


1.Vitamin E or tocopherol 700- 900mg / kg

Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant protects body tissue, damage the cells, the damage caused by free radicals.


2.Saturated fatty acids or palmitic acid 12-16%

This type of acid is the least healthy so to stay in small amounts is better as it increases the levels of cholesterol..

3.Monounsaturated fatty acids, oleic acid Omega 9 45%.

This acid increases the good cholesterol of our body, thus preventing certain diseases like hypertension or obesity.


4.Polyunsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid Omega 6 35%

This acid can not be produced by our body, it is a basic component in the processes carried out by our organism from the formation of membranes to the neural chemical transmissions.



Ferulic acid is that it is much helps blood circulation, favoring the oxygenation of the cells and is anti-free radicals.


6.Squalene 320 mg / L

This component helps the absorption of the active principles and to eliminate the toxins that cause the cells in the cell renewal process


A more extensive explanation of Argan Oil.


We hope that you have been interesting our article and encourage you to try the argan oil,

If you have already tried or decide to try it write us your opinion or the use you have given will be happy to read it and find out if you give other uses  😆

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