Pure Argan oil to choose the best method of removal
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How to choose the best method of extraction of pure argan oil?

pure argan oil

In this post we give you the keys to choose the best extraction method for pure argan oil.

It is confused daily use a pure argan oil that is of high quality, as I mentioned in the article How to extract the oil of Argan oil. The elaboration of Liquid Gold


How do I choose the best method of extraction of pure argan oil?


The first method of removal that we discard is made with solvents because it is not of good quality and does not contain all of its properties.

We are going to specify and analyze a little in depth the other two methods.


Manual extraction method of pure argan oil


It is the artisanal method, the oldest and beliefs is believed to be the best way of obtaining pure argan oil.



The amount of argan oil we get from a seed is half your weight more or less. We extract the half of oil that can be extracted from the seed, the other half is inside the cake, the remaining mass remains. This cake is left with food for the animals.


The utensils used for the extraction of the oil, such as the grinder, bowl, the press, have elements that accelerate the process of deterioration and oxidation of the oil.


In some areas of Morocco, drinking water is scarce or does not exist, so the water used may contain bacteria, favoring the oxidation of the product and not being completely stable.


The hygienic sanitary conditions of these areas tend to be deficient for example after going to the bathroom, or perform other tasks do not have the habit of washing hands or do not have this water, it is not advisable to use products made with the hands.


By adding water to the oil during the processing, it makes it very poor preservation, because it is not completely removed all the water in the oil.


Finally, this technique is very slow, laborious and requires a lot of dedication, skill and workmanship.





“It is obtained a low yield of the argan oil in the extraction process, has more rapid deterioration and oxidation and get a quick oil rancidity,which is not useful in a short time”



Method of semi-mechanical extraction of pure argan oil

Its advantages:



With this method you get almost all the argan oil from the seed, we talk about 80% to 85% of the content of the seed.


The mechanical presses used are designed to avoid contamination problems and their finish and stainless steel material promote proper hygiene.


In the factories or argan oil cooperatives there are staff in charge the correct operation, maintenance and cleaning of the machines.

No water

In this process is not used water, so you do not become rancid the product and avoids the introduce bacteria into the oil.

Cost effectiveness

In this extraction process less time is required, it is less hard and laborious, therefore less labor and the cost is lower.





“Higher performance is obtained from the seed of argan oil, almost entirely, it is not oxidized and keeps the product over time and is performed under sanitary hygienic measures so that it is free of bacteria or other elements that may damage the oil”






It has been demonstrated that the process of semi-mechanical extraction in cold meets all the necessary conditions, parameters, quality and conservation for a good pure argan oil.

Cooperatives use this method because the economic investment is immediately amortized due to the greater quantity of oil extracted from a seed, the lower labor and the time required for it.

The extraction of the second bark is still done by hand even in cooperatives because it is the only way to get the seed or almond extracted optimally without notches, nor any damage.



For all this we recommend a pure argan oil fruits not vomited for the goats, extracted from almonds from Morocco, which are not damaged, nor with notches and from a process of semi-mechanical removal.



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