How to use argan oil. THOUSAND TIPS.
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Usos aceite de argán

Thousand tips of How to Use ARGAN OIL.

How to use argan oil is important and we give you our advice.

It is important the quality of a product, good conservation and good use.

Not all natural products are used in the same way and depending on where where you apply can be very different.



How to use argan oil in our day to day


Hydration and facial protection


Scientific studies affirm the moisturizing, nourishing and protective power of argan oil for our skin and is advisable at any age. This oil increases the vital functions of our skin cells a level of the epidermis.


For the skin


It is advised to use pure argan oil every morning, it is used for sensitive skin, with acne, prevent skin aging, improve wrinkles, skins sensitivity to external agents.


“It is highly recommended for the wrinkles of the crow’s feet applicable daily at night in this area”


Amazing secrets of the argan oil for our face

aceite argán cara



Acne skin


We can apply argan oil directly on the skin at night, we can also apply only in the area of pimples, blackheads or black dots with cotton swab.

Or mix the argan oil with the natural lemon juice and apply it with a gauze on the face or the area affected with acne.

All our tricks for you to fight against acne

aceite de argan para el acne

Sensitive skin


It is important to have well hydrated skin, argan oil help to strengthen this type of skins and protect them. With this simple recipe you will create your own product to use all of the nights before acostaros and leave for all of it.


– 3 tablespoons of pure argan oil 100%.

 -1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel 100% pure.

 -3 tablespoons of sweet almond oil.

 -5 drops of essential oil of tea tree.


For the body


After the daily shower, apply with the skin all over the body letting it dry.


“Our skin is moisturized, shiny and protected”


Body softener


In the form of a cure, you can use argan oil once a week to apply it on our body and  hair quit for 15 minutes in a warm environment and finally take a shower.

This is usually the case when people make use of a turkish bath or hammam.




Taking advantage of its regenerating and calming effect, we apply pure argan oil in the skin areas with irritation, eczema and burns. So will improve quickly.


Improve your psoriasis, try it

aceite de argán para la psoriasis



Apply the clay oil daily to the lips, as if it were a lip balm or petroleum jelly. We will help to avoid the dryness and  can be cut with the wind or the cold.


Beauty in the eyelashes

Argan oil can be used to give nutrition, hydration or shine to the eyelashes

You can also use it to remove our eyelashes.


The tricks of the perfect look

aceite de argán para las pestañas


Hydration and relaxation for the feet


Apply giving a massage at our feet the argan oil along with lemon juice and  water every night.

These three products help us improve the appearance of our skin in a short time, without hardness or cracking. We take advantage of the properties descongestivas, analgesic, fungicides and moisturizers that this set is going to give to our feet.




The argan oil is going to give a healthy, young and smooth to our hands. We should apply it twice a day after washing our hands, ideally we would wash our hands with argan soap and we would only need to apply the oil twice a day.


“It’s anti age, it prevents dryness, cracks and is going to give strength to our nails “


Repair your nails


The mixture we are going to give you next and tips on how to use herring oil help prevent and improve brittle, weak nails, the appearance of painful raised skin and cuticle care.

We are going to put in a cup of argan oil, lemon juice and we are going to be heated in a water bath for 10 minutes, let it cool down and then we will introduce the fingers during 20 minutes.

When our women are in perfect condition, we will put the liquid in a bottle and alternating the days in the nails to follow the treatment.




Argan oil has in its composition saponins with destructive action of fungi, or protective. Protects against illnesses and diseases caused by fungi.

“It eliminates the papules, disinfects the pustules that produce in the varicela and control the sebaceous secretions”


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Men’s cosmetics


All aesthetic uses of body and facial hydration can be used by men.

Men can be used specifically for shaving in the following manner:

1. Apply argan oil.

2. Let it act for 5 minutes.

3. Soap and perform the shaving process.

4. Finally to prevent irritation and leave our skin smooth,

soft and relaxed we apply a few drops with a gentle massage.


Perfect hair


Argan oil is recommended for brittle, weak, dry hair, lack of hydration, open tips or oily hair. Also problems of capillary psoriasis and dandruff.


“It helps to beautify our hair, nourish it and repair it”


Know the Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

10 beneficios del aceite de argán


Hydration bath


After a long day, stress and work, we all like to relax.


We propose to fill the bath with hot water, we will add:


A few drops of lavender essential oil.

A tablespoon of oil of Argan oil.

A tablespoon of water of roses.

 We can substitute for rosemary or eucalyptus if we are having a cold.

“This blend of how to use argan oil helps us relax, moisturize, smooth wrinkles, repair our skin, deflate our body and open our pores”


Sun tanning


How to use argan oil for the sun, is very similar to suntan lotions. This oil is repairing and protects against free radicals and solar aging.

We will apply argan oil all over the body and face, leave on for a time before taking the sun to be able to absorb all their nutrients and increase the resilience of the skin.


For Sensitive Skin It is advisable to use a sunscreen with a high protection.


For tanned or dark skins you can only use the argan oil as long as we do not we set out in the hours of high solar radiation.


Massages for osteoarthritis, muscle aches, fatigue and rheumatism


This type of massage was already used by the Berbers in ancestral times.

We will use pure argan oil mixed with a few drops of essential oil of arnica, thyme, rosemary and eucalyptus. Is heated in a water bath and a massage intense circular in the affected area.


“Argan oil is analgesic and anti-inflammatory, we can use it daily until pain disappears”


We give you all the properties medicines.



Stretch marks and scars


Thanks to its regenerative virtue helps to reduce stretch marks, marks or scars.

You must use on a daily basis on the areas where we want to prevent stretch marks and treat in case of weight loss, diet, or pregnancy.


Removes Stretch Marks

estrías aceite de argán



How to use argan oil has a fungicidal, analgesic, anti-inflammatory action treats infections of the pustules, soothes itching and irritation during this infectious process.

After we will help to prevent the scars, marks or spots that can be produced by the pustules.




How to use argan oil in this treatment will notice improvement in cellulitis or orange peel after a month using daily at least once a day, preferably at night.

We mix argan oil, with a few drops of paraffin oil and a few drops of citronella essence.

“We will apply in the zones with this problem giving a deep massage and of circular form”




All the ways of using argan oil are wonderful, unique and with their particulars. All of them lead us to create and use natural cosmetics.

We hope you loved this oil and if you know any way we would be happy to hear it.


Discover also the nutritional benefits of this great oil.

propiedades culinarias aceite de argán