Extraction of Argan Oil 4 SIMPLE STEPS
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extrae el aceite de argán arganbelife

Extraction of argan oil 4 SIMPLE STEPS

extraction of argan 

Knowing how argan oil is extracted from the almond helps us to evaluate the quality procedures, labeling, regulations and certificates that must pass this oil.

Also to assess the quality that can differentiate a traditional extraction oil with solvent extraction or semi-industrial.







The production of liquid gold


Normally our main concern is that it is pure, which is important, but we also have to assess how the argan oil is extracted from the almonds that are used and how it is preserved.


We will delve deeper into this in 4 easy steps.



The fallen fruits are collected from the soil, to this day the trees are protected so that the goats can not access and thus avoid using fruits vomited by the goats.


” are collected from June to September”


The last fruits harvested are allowed to dry by storing them in a dry place, without moisture so that later the process of extracting the argan oil is easier. These fruits as they dry give off a smell similar to apples and honey.


Drying and storage.

The fruit collected is put to dry in a clean and dry in the sun. You cannot stack many fruits for optimum drying. During four weeks left the fruit to dry evenly, acquires a dark brown color.



This work is usually done in women’s cooperatives or in houses. Before you can have the argan almond you have to remove two peels to get to it.


First shell

There are two stones, one large and one small and elongated to hit. This work is done without protection generally since small acquire great skill to avoid hitting but we have to take into account that the shell is quite hard and should be a blow quite energetic.


“In present every time there are more women who use protection in their hands to avoid injury and seem ailments over the years”


Today in some areas of Morocco begins to use a mechanical process for the first shell, a machine that performs the work of separating the nut of the pulp.

A person is responsible for the machine do not break nuts, and perform the work correctly.


Second shell

The elimination of the second shell is more laborious due to the hardness of the shell and that the whole almond should leave without any notch.It uses the same method above, it requires a lot of experience, most children learn from this practice.

An attempt has been made to break this shell with mechanical processes but has not succeeded in getting the seeds out intact, all come out with some notch, any damage, which makes the product is oxidized very fast and it is not useful to produce oil.


“The second shell is considered sixteen times harder than that of a walnut”


extrae el aceite de argán arganbelife

Quality of argan oil

In order to finish the good quality of argan oil is important the raw material and the method of elaboration of the oil. The argan oil is extracted from the almonds or seeds of the Argan fruit and for the raw material to be of high quality it has to be taken into account:


A ¤The maturity of the fruit at the time of collection.

B ¤The geographical area from where it is collected.

C ¤The storage time of the almonds once extracted from the fruit.

D ¤ Methods and storage conditions of almonds.

E ¤If the almonds are complete, damaged or broken.

The almonds are classified before extracting the oil, the best argan oil will come out of those that are long, with colored (ivory and beige), complete, without any damage, greasy to the touch fat and newly learned of the walnuts.


“here deducted that the pure argan oil can be obtained with different almonds, but the best quality only of a type of almond perfect”

The next step involved in the process of extracting the oil through the almond, so that it is of high quality.


Discover the Medicinal Uses that can have the Argan Oil




The methods of extraction of argan


We have three ways extraction of argan oil: the artisanal (traditional Berber), semi-industrial and with solvents.

There are two ways to develop the oil of Argan, cosmetic and food. For the food you can use the raw almonds or toast

Before we begin with the ways in which argan oil is extracted, let’s briefly explain how the almonds are toasted.



This process is called roasting, the are toasted in a clay or aluminum container with a wood fire, moving them throughout the process, is a traditional process. In some areas has created a more modern process using metal barrels with a handle and turn on the fire. These seeds are a golden color, argan oil to provide food that peculiar flavor of sesame and hazelnut.


Let’s start with the first form of extraction.

Artisanal extraction of argan


This process is the oldest and artisan. Take out the Berber women.

It consists of a stone mill with a wooden arm that contains a capstone that exercises the function of press grind the almonds, until an oily mass. This oily mass is collected in a bowl, and you begin to knead manually with your hands and is slowly adding warm water.

Through the kneading the extraction of argan oil , it is a hard work and with much laborious part, can last hours. Although it should be quick and do so delicate because if not the mass begins to oxidize.

After we arrived at the process of decantation and filtration, argan oil is bottled and left to rest for who is separated from the warm water that has been introduced and is filtered through a clean cloth and thin so that it is free of impurities.Later it goes on sale.


“Due to its type of production it is not a very stable oil so it will oxidize quickly and not retain its good condition”



extrae el aceite de argán arganbelife

Semi-industrial extraction of argan oil


It is the method used in the cooperatives that have been created in Morocco for the production of the oil.

It is made with mechanical presses, which rotate at speeds not very high so as not to raise the temperature of the oil and maintain the properties of the cold pressed oil.

There is a person in charge of controlling the machine, that does not raise the temperature to more than 67ºC so that it does not lose the oil properties, of the continuous maintenance and the daily revision of the machine.

Is preserved in barrels of plastic or stainless steel for food products, in a place without light, dry and with a stable temperature.


Solvent extraction of argan oil


This method has been introduced very recently, by the large industries of cosmetics, is done through is a volatile solvent that is mixed with the pulp obtained by crushing the almonds.

The hexane is generally used, what is done is to mix the paste with the hexane that is in charge of extracting the oil, later the mixture is heated to 100ºC.

In the heating process the hexane evaporates, leaving only argan oil.

It is a high performance, cheap and effective method, but the resulting oil is not pure of good quality, in the process of heating it loses properties.




Finally, argan oil for human consumption must pass certain health controls, must carry a different labeling of cosmetic oil from the food oil, carry the corresponding labels, stamps and certificates and finally the lot number.

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