Buy Argan Oil 10 Keys to detect your quality
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claves para comprar aceite de argán el oro liquido

10 Keys to Buying Argan Oil, Moroccan Liquid Gold


Buy Argan Oil

Surely you have gone to buy argan oil and comparing the price and color of the product is very varied.

Do not be fooled, here you will find 10 keys that will help you know that you are going to buy high quality argan oil.


10 keys to buy Argan Oil


1.Does not have strong smell.


Argan oil does not have a strong smell. A strong smell is a sign that it is oxidized by what comes from a lousy method of extraction or storage.




In the ingredients label to buy the oil of Argan should appear only Argania Spinosa and some kind of preservative such as vitamin E.




Sometimes it can be combined with sweet almond oil or rosehip oil. You should note that you are no longer going to buy 100% pure argan oil and you may lose some of your own oil properties and the color will vary, and the other oils Will add their properties.




The color of argan oil may vary between extractions and pressures but must have a golden color very similar to apricot oil. If you have a light color is that it has been excessively refined and if you are turning to reddish or darker colors is that it has been heated.


5.Test it.


When you go to buy pure argan oil it is advisable to try it because you must regulate the level of cellular hydration, you should not notice a skin with excess fat, neither dry nor sweaty.


6.Acronyms NM.


If acquiring argan oil is the acronym NM, they are guaranteeing that they are products free of bacteria and that it is not an oil made with the fruit that the goats eat and then return.


“Keep in mind when buying argan oil that the ECOCERT certificate refers to the raw materials not to the purity of the oil”




ECOCERT is an inspection and certification company that verifies the conformity of organic products taking into account European regulations and national and international standards. This certificate only speaks that this made with raw materials that is 100% pure.


8.Its smell is soft.


When you buy argan oil you should know that your scent is smooth, mild, barely perceptible. It is a sign that it is not roasted and all the processes of elaboration under sanitary measures and adequate methods of extraction and storage have been maintained.




It must penetrate relatively quickly and correctly means that it does not clog pores, so it will not affect sebaceous secretion. Argan oil is characterized by its hydration in depth, with the necessary amount and a circular massage in a couple of minutes the oil will have been absorbed.




In the laboratory you can measure your sterol level by gas chromatography because your campesterol concentration is low.


“Among all these qualities, the most important are the color, the smell and the ability to penetrate”




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To help you buy argan oil more advisable, healthy and that conserves all its nutrients that contains we are going to tell you about the certicates and labels.


Certificates and labels to keep in mind when buying Argan Oil




To buy edible argan oil


The French Agency for Safety and Food Safety (AFSSA), validates its use as edible oil. Certifies that they are seeds of the Argan tree, that does not contain additives nor pesticides and that this elaborates of mechanical form and cold grip.


To buy argan oil cosmetic


Several institutions are still moving to get a better regulated label and that of it’s value and recognition of authentic Moroccan Argan oil. Also, we feel more secure and supported when buying argan oil, knowing where it comes from.

It would be a seal such as “Argan” or “Argan Oil” that would only obtain Moroccan oil producers to give greater identity and worldwide recognition to this precious liquid gold.


“This seal would help us buy argan oil coming exclusively from Morocco”


In Morocco and internationally, we want to achieve Geographical Indication (GI) recognition that will protect the Argan tree and its products. This recognition is granted by the Organization for an International Geographical Indications Network (ORIGIN), which helps the countries progress with products such as the Argan tree, giving value to rural areas, organizing their production and giving greater value to the products that result from Tree and increasing the income of the same.


 “At the time of buying argan oil we would help to give value to this magnificent tree and its population”

Labels and regulations that help verify quality when buying argan oil



Pure Argan oil in France is worthy of the COSMEBIO label.

It is a French association that grants its seal to products that have a minimum of 95% of natural ingredients or that come from biological culture and that the label contains all the ingredients contained.




Regulation of Argan Oil

In 2003, the Ministry of Industry Commerce, Energy and Moroccan Mines created a regulation by which it is necessary to specify the quality and the different categories of the Argan oil.


The standard fixes different aspects of Argan Oil:

  • Mechanisms used in the process of the production of Argan oil: roasting, pressure, filtration, centrifugation and decantation.
  • Values of density, iodine, saponification and refraction index.
  • Specify oil quality in four categories: virgin lampante, virgin, virgin fine and extra virgin.
  • Detail the acidity of the oil; Less acidity and more oil quality. The extra virgin Argan oil has a 0.8 degree acidity and the lampante has a 2.5 acidity.


When buying Argan oil it is necessary to take into account that the extra virgin oil is more advisable and of better quality, its extraction has been mechanical without exceeding 70ºC of temperature, so that it does not lose any property, the seeds of natural culture and not No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used.

“The best Argan oil is the Extra Virgin”



AMIGHA is a Moroccan association fighting for the creation of a label for the indication of the geographical origin (PGI) of Argan Oil. They are supported by the international organization (ORIGIN) mentioned above.

Learn more about this association



AOC (appellation d’origine Contrôlée) fights for the idea of a label that guarantees the authenticity of the origin of the products.


“At the moment of buying argan oil we assure that its origin is from Morocco”



At this time, the vast majority of cooperatives and producers consist of the ECOCERT seal, this seal gives veracity to the products obtained are ecological and with European controls and national and international standards.

Discover more of the ECOCERT label


NM (Moroccan Regulations)

In Morocco the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Agriculture and Cultural Development have created the label NM (Moroccan Norms) which certifies that the products that contain it are not made with fruits ingested by goats and are free of bacteria.

To achieve this, the processes that are performed to verify these conditions must be paid.


“When you buy argan oil with this label you make sure that they have been made with products ingested by the goats”




The strong roots of the extraction process make it more difficult for Berber women to become accustomed to the new rules for sale

Take advantage to buy the best argan oil and thus benefit from all its cosmetic, medicinal and culinary properties.

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