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tratamiento para la psoriasis con aceite de argán

Argan oil to Treat Psoriasis. Discover it!!

Argan oil to treat psoriasis

Why not choose a natural product like argan oil to treat psoriasis that does not harm our body?

If we have the option we can choose argan oil that does not cause the harmful effects of some conventional creams


 Did you know that Argan Oil serves for psoriasis?



Chemical treatments and their dangerousness

The usual treatments and usually prescribed by doctors are oral medications, topical creams and put the affected areas in the sun.

Sometimes it can aggravate the problem of psoriasis Especially topical medicines containing chemicals to dry spots but do not relieve the pain and itching.

Traditional medicine contains chemicals in the skin, it is not healthy to rub daily with the skin of the body. The body absorbs a great amount of substances and even some of them can reach the blood.

We do not have to choose only one option we can combine traditional medicine with a natural product that does not cause any damage to our skin and improve problems related to the disease to party to prevent that may appear.

“Argan oil can be used as a preventive and curative treatment”


They should take advantage of all the medicinal properties that are attributed to the pure argan oil


4 Steps to Use Argan Oil to Treat Psoriasis

1.- First clean the affected area with argan oil soap, natural, without perfumes, dyes or parabens.

2.- Dry with a soft touch towel, without rubbing or dragging, drying to touch to avoid irritating the skin.

3.- You must apply several drops of Argan oil in the spots, redness to appear in the skin twice a day, one of them for the night..

4.- Massage in soft circles the area where we have applied the drops until it is completely absorbed.

Psoriasis sometimes also affects the scalp, it can be confused with dandruff. It is complicated to improve psoriasis in this area, shampoos have little ability to act and their result is very slow and brief.


6 Instructions on how to apply argan oil to treat psoriasis on the scalp:


1.- To Apply three or four drops of Argan oil or cover the affected area of the scalp.

2.- Massage with small and soft circles.

3.- Put your head in a shower cap, or wrap with a towel head of occlusive effect for more penetration.

4.- Leave throughout the night the argan oil.

5.- Next morning wash your hair with a mildly aggressive shampoo.

6-Avoid the heat sources as much as possible, as it can generate a rebound of psoriasis.

If we do not have a lot of time we can apply a small amount in the affected points of the scalp and leave to act throughout the day.


Argan oil for psoriasis is a dry oil that does not return greasy hair as other products can.


Learn more about argan oil for psoriasis

aceite de argán para la psoriasis

“We remember the use of argan oil to treat psoriasis always pure”


7 Tips to improve psoriasis:

 ~ Buy natural, organic or biological creams.

 ~ Purchase products without perfumes, colorants, parabens, or essential oils.

 ~ Look for a product that can remove chlorine from the water, especially if the psoriasis is on the scalp, for example the Ecoducha.

 ~ Use gels and cream with soothing, regenerating actives that prevent inflammation and itching like aloe vera or marigold.

 ~ Apply body and facial cream nothing more out of the shower to help the power moisturizing and hydrating creams and capture and sustain the water so they do not dry out.

 ~ Applying sea water helps regenerate and heal parts affected by psoriasis.

 ~Some people recommend as a home remedy to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis on the skin a cup of fresh juice of bitter gourd, mixed with lemon juice. If you take it on an empty stomach around 4 to 6 months, good results are obtained in order to alleviate this disease.



aceite de argán para tratar la psoriasis



We hope that this post has helped you and if any man shall encourage the use of argan oil to treat the comenteis psoriais us that i was.


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