Why you should not buy oil Argan Oil MERCADONA
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aceite de argán mercadona

Argan oil products Mercadona

argan oil Mercadona

Products argan oil Mercadona


You will surely have gone to the Mercadona, you will have seen the prices of its products with argan deliplus oil and you will have asked about its benefits and its price variation with respect to others.

In this post we want to talk to you and inform you about Argan oil products Mercadona.



Products for hair Argan oil Mercadona


Deliplus Mask without rinsing Gold liquid


The Mercadona argan oil mask contains 200ml, it does not come in jar format which helps to control the quantities, that the product does not deteriorate easily and do not waste a mask.

It is a mask without rinsing, which indicates that it intensely repairs the hair and leaves it silky.

It is a mask with two uses:

– With damp hair: it makes it look less spoiled. This effect lasts relatively nothing, noon, gives brightness but does not moisturize.

-With dry hair: the hair picks up a rough, sticky and dirty touch.

“We recommend that you use rinsing masks and then a specific oil to treat hair after rinsing”


These products are not composed of good products for our hair as their functions are usually to give softness, help to untangle and give shine, they do not let perspire to our hair. The best are face masks that we remove in minutes with water.

Price 3.95€aceite de argán mercadona



Beauty Elixir Syoss


Not an oil this product is a serum, comes in spray format contains 100ml and is a serum for dry and wet application.

The smell of the serum is not very pleasant. It does not give the benefits that promises, it cakes the hair, it gives a feeling of dirty, greasy and even that only it is applied in the tips when not absorbing it extends to the rest of the hair.

It leaves a main sensation of beautiful and defined hair, after a few hours this turns into hair shaved, too mouldable, ultimately a lifeless and dirty hair.

In the end the argán Mercadona oil serum is a finishing product that only provides us with the first glitter but then does not nourish or regenerate as an oil.

Price 5,25 € 

aceite de argán mercadona


Liquid Keratin Deliplus


This product is a Keratin that helps us to regenere hair.

It is a product that should help open ends, regenerate and moisturize.

In some type of hair very dehydrated can get to moisturize but in the case of a normal hair, leaves it cushioned, even curly and you have to control very well the proportion of oil you apply because if you do not have to wash your hair again because you will have That feeling of greasy and caked hair.

The application seems simple but you have to be careful after spraying (it is not a wonderful sprayer and you notice that it loses some force) and then with your fingers extend the product well. It should be applied before drying the hair with the dryer.

The fragrance is quite strong and actually for a little more money we have products with better results.



“It definitely does not care for the open ends and closes them, it leaves the hair somewhat more rough and some people notice hair fall”

Price 2,40€

aceite de argán mercadona

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Body products argan oil Mercadona

Argan Shower Gel DelipluS


This gel has a vanilla odor, with the passage of days and daily use becomes a heavy and artificial odor gel.

Texture is pleasing, and foams. It gives a normal hydration to the skin, but does not moisturize as it should with argan oil.

Comparing with gels of the same qualities, it looses a lot because it does not provide hydration from there that the proportion of Argan oil is certain to be minimal.

From our point of view it is better to buy another gel with other qualities and add pure argan oil in the body cream or add the pure argan oil (known as pure argan oil) to another gel of better quality.

Price: 1,35€

aceite de argán mercadona

Argan Deliplus Nutritious Cream


The nutritional cream with argan oil Mercadona is a body cream that has in its composition this oil. This helps to regenerate and nourish the skin. It is a cream with medium texture, neither light nor thick of easy absorption, not leaving the sensation of oily skin and with excess of cream.

The truth is that a normal cream, which provides hydration thanks to its large amount of water, glycerin and paraffins but does not provide the anti-aging, anti-radical, regenerating and repair properties of argan oil.

If you want a moisturizing cream this is good because of its price.


“If you are looking for a cream that besides hydration contributes regeneration, reaffirmation, prevent skin aging you have all these benefits in pure argan oil”

Precio 1,80€

 Know the benefits of pure argan oil.

aceite de argán mercadona

Facial product of argan oil Mercadona

24K deliplus dry oil


The only product of argan oil Mercadona we would more or less recommend.

It can be used for hair, body and face, is a dry oil. It is composed of argan oil, rosehip almonds and squalane.


“With dry hair you can apply a couple of drops on the tips and not cakes”

In the skin can be used mixed or alone, gives softness and hydration. Since it is not 100% pure argan oil, be careful with the dose because we can use too much and notice the skin with excessive hydration.

It does not make miracles but gives a little shine, hydration, regeneration and leaves the hair less rough. However, when wearing silicone, care must be taken with its application on the face and body, we would not recommend it.

The price is not of the cheaper products of argan oil Mercadona, so people who buy it for price I recommend that for something more price have products with twice as much benefits as this.


aceite de argán mercadona

Price between 6 €



In conclusion,

Mercadona argan oil are products that have nothing to do with the true pure argan oil, and that has the right amount.

We have to bear in mind that the position of the ingredients that are in more than 1 one by the way must be sorted in descending order. A few assets are in low concentrations, in cosmetics products that are in low concentrations are the preservatives, dyes, perfumes and preservatives or foaming agents that give features to the product.


” The Pure Argan oil has a price of 20€ for 30ml”

The normal price usually argan oil so you have to understand that a mask, shampoo, serum or moisturizer that carries argan oil and its price between 1.5 and 3 is logical that does not carry a good amount of Oil to perform well the characteristics of this oil.


At the commercial level they are interested in putting Argan oil for all the virtues, benefits and properties attributed to it, the great boom that has had this oil and indeed the products of oil Mercadona Argan contains it but in an ephemeral amount almost imperceptible.