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estrías aceite de argán


argan oil in stretch marks

Know argan oil in stretch marks.

Argan oil is a vegetable oil that is gaining more and more addicts,, this oil is amazing to help eliminate and prevent stretch marks.

Thanks to its content in vitamin E, linoleic acid and oleic acid.




What are stretch marks?


Stretch marks are the visible result of when they break the elastic fibers of the skin.

These fibers are broken because they come to top of elasticity, creating these marks denounced grooves. In principle are pinkish color and finally become white

In principle son of pinkish color and finally become white.


“They are the reflection of the stretching and separation of the skin”


There may be cases of weight changes, diets, at the time of puberty in the process of growth and in pregnancy.


When can we use the argan oil in stretch marks?


Before and after pregnancy


Argan oil contains large amounts of vitamin E, according to recent studies is one of the main ingredients to protect skin from stretch marks.

During pregnancy weight gain is sometimes increased gradually and others abruptly.

This weight is maintained over a long period of time, our skin is very resistant but has its limits of elasticity and during this period it is usually break the epidermis and generate the stretch marks.


“This oil doesn´t has contraindication during pregnancy”


It should be used twice a day in areas where we want to prevent or treat stretch marks, with these two applications help to increase the elasticity of the skin and the formation of collagen and elastin.

Although to date there are no known contraindications it is recommended to have a little touch in a small area of the body and leave for a few hours. Then proceed to use in the affected areas. The argan oil in stretch marks will help prevent them, remove them, and necessitate mitigation in case you have a white color.


“During pregnancy there are 67% of the stretch marks that women have”


In weight changes and diets


The argan oil in stretch marks that are being produced by changes in weight or that occur in some areas when it is growing, it helps to improve them, repair and regenerate them.

The argan oil gives the necessary hydration and helps the process of formation of collagen and elastin that need this damage that occurs in the skin.

It is always recommended twice a day, one possible after the shower when the pores are open and the oil penetrates much better.

aceite de argan estrias


Why should we give argan oil in stretch marks?


The argan oil in stretch marks  is absorbed very quickly, it helps to keep the skin silky but not fat.

It helps the regeneration of the metabolic processes of cells, fibrous forms of collagen and elastin, protects the integration of cells, most of the eastern mayor of the sea is the elasticity of the elasticity of the capacity and the minimal possibilities of breaking The fibers.


Argan oil has a high content of tocopherols, helps to avoid damage of solar radiation, free radicals and prevents it from being produce loss of elasticity by the natural oxidation and premature aging.

The concentration of linoleic acid is three times higher in argan oil than in olive oil, it is an acid that can not produce ourselves and aids in the processes of cell membrane formation.


“Argan oil has the highest concentrations of Vitamin E compared with other natural oils or natural products “



As we have counted is one of the best remedies to remove stretch marks of our life.

 It gives elasticity to the skin needs and help to regenerate rapidly.

A great option that we hope you take into account.

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