Argan Oil for the Eyelashes 5 BENEFICTS you didn't know
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aceite de argán para las pestañas

Argan Oil for the Eyelashes 5 Benefits you didn’t know!

Argan Oil for the Eyelashes

Do you need to strengthen your eyelashes, prevent them from falling quickly and become more abundant?

We use eyelash masks for the day and just as we take care of the skin of our face at night it is also convenient to take care of them with argan oil for the eyelashes, as they are a very important part of our look.





5 Benefits that you didn’t know! Of the Argan Oil for the Eyelashes


Argan oil for the eyelashes favors the nutrition of these. It has in its composition essential fatty acids, active antioxidants such as vitamin D and E and active moisturizers that help the hydration and nutrition of the eyelash  leaving it hydrated.


“It gives a healthier and resistant to the eyelash”



Argan oil has in its composition a large amount of various actives antioxidant such as Vitamin E and D. Among the cosmetic properties of argan oil is the improvement of skin elasticity, with the eyelashes occurring the same favors that elasticity and Improves their appearance, at the time of the use of eyelash masks makes them more moldable.


Argan oil gives nutrition, hydration, volume, repairs and gives shine to the eyelash.

Its capacity of moisture and hydration helps keep it shiny and flexible.



The argan oil for the eyelashes favors the cellular metabolism, the oxygenation and favors the regeneration. Is able to help the renewal, growth, strengthening and maintenance of the fibers of the eyelash.



Argan oil is able to provide nutrients to the fibers of the eyelashes, gives food to the fibers of internally. It nourishes the eyelash and gives it strength preventing it from falling before the fall process is adequate.


“Using argan oil for the eyelashes constantly and after a while you will notice that your eyelashes are stronger, more abundant, thicker and longer”

Know the 9 Cosmetic Properties of Argan Oil

propiedades cosméticas aceite de argán oro liquido


How to use argan oil in the eyelashes


■ It is advisable to take a glass vial to prepare a small mixture in equal proportions with pure argan oil and castor oil.

We take a brush of lashes (like those that come in masks of eyelashes) we apply the mixture daily in the eyelashes of the base of the flange to the tip.


■ We can also mix it with an eye make-up remover and make it easier for the eyelid remover and care.


aceite de argán pestañas

It is important that we give importance to our eyelashes, sometimes we don’t buy the appropriate eyelashes masks or more recommended.

With argan oil for the eyelashes help you to keep them in the best state, and have a look perfect.

 Includes these steps in your daily routine of hydration and care for face and body

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