Argan oil for Acne 9 PERFECT TRICKS
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aceite de argan para el acne

9 Tricks of the Argan Oil for Acne

argan oil for acne

As we have explained in other articles as the cosmetic and medicinal properties of argan oil, it is a powerful natural remedy.

It has many benefits and one of the highlights was the argan oil for acne, this disease that affects millions of people.

We encourage you to read this post and join the large number of people who are turning to natural remedies, chemical-free and more similar to our own.

9 Tricks of the Argan Oil for Acne


What is acne?


In our face and our backs we have sebaceous glands that are responsible for maintaining the hydration of our skin, are glands secrete sebum to maintain hydration and skin loses moisture. The sebaceous glands are attached to hair follicles through them the fat reaches the surface of the skin.

The problem is when these glands produce more sebum than you need our skin, clogging the pores. The pores that are clogged with this oily substance are clogged with no possibility of oxygenation or transpiration which generates a production of bacteria.

These bacteria are the cause of inflammation, auto-contagion and infections.

Sometimes, the excessive functioning of these glands is due to having a lack of water in our body, to notice the excessively dry skin our body is self-protecting producing more fat to avoid that water shortage.



” Whenever we go through a phase of acne you have to increase the consumption of water in our day-to-day”



Why use argan oil for acne?

Why is argan oil good for acne?




«1» Argan oil is a natural, easy and affordable remedy for this problem.

«2» Nothing harmful for our body and without side effects.

«3» Argan oil regulates the sebaceous gland, acting in the production of sebum, helps to unclog our pores.

«4» Helps the elimination of the scars they cause in our skin after a process of acne.

«5» The Vitamin E is an antioxidant. Helps the glands do not generate excess fat by dryness, keeps our hydration. Prevents and treats the inflammation that occurs in our pores

«6» Omega 6 helps our cell membranes helping to eliminate waste substances by preventing them from depositing in our pores and accelerates the regeneration process by improving the scars and preventing inflammation.

«7» Contains Lupeol is a compound essential for our skin with disinfecting properties, antibactericidas and healing properties.

«8» In its composition are the phytosterols that improve the scars, repair and maintain the moisture of the skin.

«9» Contains vitamin E prevents the damage they can do free radicals to a skin that is damaged with this infectious process, avoiding stains and scars.



“Always Remember to make use of argan oil is 100% pure, that has not been adulterated and cold-pressed”

Do not be faithful of all Argan oils of the market we recommend this post

aceite de argán mercadona


How to use argan oil for acne?


We give you 5 ideas on how to use argan oil for acne


1- Add a couple of drops to your usual facial tonic. We recommend that if you are going through the process of acne you yourself make your own tonic with rose water or orange blossom and a few drops of Argan oil.

2- Apply a few drops of pure argan oil directly to the face. It is a dry oil of easy penetration, so it will not give a fat sensation and you can apply a cream indicated for our skin type.

3- Add the drops of Argan oil to the moisturizing cream or our make-up base

4- Use the argan oil as a serum at night and apply it daily on our face before going to sleep.

5- Include the drops of Argan oil to a facial mask, with beneficial properties for the acne problem, as soothing, astringent and anti-inflammatory. As well we will include the properties of the oil to the mask.


“With the daily use of acne in a few weeks the appearance of the skin will have improved significantly”


Two things you should never do when you have acne.


  1. Never masajees argan oil or cream daily if you have a process of acne, you could expand the acne to healthy areas, so you can always apply to taps, or extiendelo once without massage.
  2. Never use masks with too much occlusive effect or heat effect could cause the acne bacteria to reproduce, always cold or without any effect related to changes in temperature.

“Always check on the label of the argan oil that you only see this as an ingredient and in some cases some antioxidant”

aceite de argan para el acne

We hope this post help you to improve your acne, which sometimes has an effect on our self-esteem, because sometimes the infection extends to almost all of our face.

With these tricks you will improve acne and your skin!